MSPAssistant is a userscript that helps new and longtime readers navigate the tangled plotlines, references, and callbacks of Homestuck. Using an unobtrusive floating menubar, MSPAssistant allows for quick keyboard navigation through tagged pages of the story.

What do we mean by tags? Each page is marked with characters, objects, and recurring gags, and MSPAssistant allows you to easily "track" these tags, visiting pages only where those tags appear. This lets you read Homestuck in entirely new ways-- you can quickly check the last time you saw an important item, read pages containing only your favorite character, or skip forward to pages only where something is dead (seriously).

  • Tag-Based Navigation
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • AND/OR Mode Selector
  • Ryan North Mode
  • Lots of Tags

While the full story is not yet tagged, our hope is that with the effort of the massive Homestuck community, we can tag this story quickly and make everyone's reading experience just a little bit easier!